Thursday, January 22, 2009

Paige's first haircut

Paige finally got her hair cut today. Mommy finally made herself do it! She was very excited at first but once she got in the chair was not very happy. I didn't get much video because she wanted me to hold both of her hands, and she just looked down most of the time. I tried to show her the animals on her cape but she didn't really care! She just got a trim and we saved some in a ziplock bag. She remembered that part, because she told her daddy and Bear Bear that "they cut it and put it in a bag." They gave her a blue sucker afterwards, and she is still sporting her blue moustache.

Here are the videos, I didn't know videos took forever to upload!

Showing off her new "do" afterwards! Her Uncle Chris will probably still say she has a mullet!


  1. hahah, i think Paige ha mixed feeling about the hair cut...or she just didn't know what to think:)
    Love the videos!!
    Tell Paige I said she looks pretty!

  2. Paw Paw and BearBear watched the videos twice last night and enjoyed it so much! I love her haircut. It's cute! I was thinking how much things have changed since you and Erin were babies. How we would have loved to have had this kind of technology to mark "firsts" like this in your lives. We just kept the hair and put it in a sandwich bag! ha! This is wonderful! We felt like we were there with you!

  3. That is great! I have been able to give 2 of my nephews their first haircuts. Kids are never easy to cut. Wiggle worms and sharp objects don't mix well!