Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A girl will do anything for a great deal on shoes!!

Okay, so I heard that Target was having a great sale on shoes! I worked today, and usually I work until 7 p.m. but things were really slow so I left about 6:15. Well I needed to buy some deodorant, and I could have just gone across the street to the CVS or something, but no, I decided to drive all the way to Target so I could look at the shoes before they got really picked over! Why doesn't my husband understand this!? Honestly, they were already pretty picked over, but I did find Paige 2 pairs of really cute shoes for only $3.75 a pair! Didn't find anything for me, but I have more fun buying for her than me anyway. I even managed to remember the little odds and ends that I needed to get at the store and got them too! Usually I can't think of it all and I'm too hardheaded to make myself a list! Anyway, I brought the shoes home and Paige loved them! She especially loves the sparkly bronze ones, they have some growing room. She's growing so fast, this is the way to buy shoes for her because she doesn't wear them long! And since it was 30 degrees outside, I just had to stop at Starbucks since it's so close to Target and get me a latte! Once again, why doesn't my husband understand this!? Ha!


  1. Cute shoes and cute blog! Who knows why husbands (or men in general) don't understand things we do? We don't understand them either, I guess. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em kind of situation, I guess!

  2. I am not a big shopper...but I do like to indulge and reward myself with food and treats....like starbucks, soft drinks, ice cream, fast food...and he does not understand my snacking habit at all!

    Well, I think your blog looks cute. You just need to personalize it a little. When i started i just played around. But if you sign in and then go to Customize at the top left, or Dashboard at the top left and then go to layout. From there you can add a gadget, then scroll down and choose to add a picture. You can put pictures that will always be at the left of your blog. From there (adding a gadget) you can add a list of blogs your read, etc. You can do a lot of different things from that section.
    Then if you go to fonts and colors, you can play around with your colors, fonts, and borders.
    That is about the extent of what I know. But I am happy to help.
    Have fun!! :):)