Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another funny one from my silly girl

I could blog every day with something funny Paige said. This winter her skin has been really dry and itchy, and she has been scratching all over lately. She was getting out of the tub tonight and her daddy came into the bathroom with the phone, he was talking to his grandmother. Paige wanted to talk, so he put it on speakerphone and held it up to her. She said "Hey grandmama!" and grandmama said "Whatcha doin?" and Paige said just as plain as day "scratchin' myself!" Her mommy and daddy nearly died!


  1. that's a paige-ism! instead of just aswangin', she's just ascratchin' ! she was an angel today!

  2. aaaaaaahhahahah. That is hilarious! I am sitting in my class right now and I nearly laughed out loud. The honesty of kids cannot be matched.