Sunday, February 8, 2009

Room update

Here is how far we got tonight, no we did not clean up our mess! We were tired! I did all the painting and Garrett did the floor, we both almost finished! Paige really helped a lot, she would bring her daddy the floor tiles and peel the paper off the back for him!

Here is a close up of the new floor, much better! When we were almost finished, Paige came up to me and said,"You can sew now Mommy!"


  1. Wow! That looks good!! And fast! You are going to enjoy that room so much and so will Paige. And it will be so nice just to close the door and leave it and not HAVE to clean up until you can get back to it. I'm glad you're showing the progress. Marty sent me some pics of her sewing room. I'll forward her pics to you. Might get some ideas from her.

  2. That really does look good. It made a big difference!