Saturday, February 7, 2009

Coming soon... a sewing room!

This beautiful picture is my future sewing room! Isn't it lovely! Well it will be soon. This is what we first called our "tornado room" because it is in the basement and has no windows. It is very plain, and only needs minor work. The old vinyl floor has already been pulled back, that's why the floor looks so bad now. We are going to put down stick-down vinyl tiles and new baseboards, paint the walls and get a new door and light fixture. That's it! Then I can set up my sewing machine and ironing board, and move all my "stuff" into this room! Exciting! Need storage ideas though.

Stay tuned for the after pictures! (But don't expect them TOO soon!)

With that said, here is something random! Thought you might enjoy how Paige modified my decorations!

Always helping Mommy out!


  1. Cute decorations! ha! Maybe you could get Paige to give you some storage ideas! You could look on other blogs for some storage ideas. I love to go blogging! That room would look so cute with a wall mural painted on it, wouldn't it?

  2. I love, love, love the modified decor! :)