Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Lemonade award

I received this award from BearBear for showing great attitude and/or gratitude with my blog, and am supposed to pass it on to other bloggers, but I think they would be the same ones that BearBear picked, plus I don't know how to link yet, I will have to get my mother to teach me! (Funny, huh?) Anyway, all the blogs I follow are great, just check them out on the right side of my page! And if yours isn't over there, tell me and I'll put it there!


  1. Hey Emily, I just figured you had just not gotten on the internet lately. I was so anxious for you are your mom to find out! We are so excited!! We really need to get together again. And thank you for making me realize I'm not crazy (with all the nausea)...I think Bradfield thinks I am. I just can't wait for this stage to pass...but i know it will be all worth it! I'll try to call you soon!! :):)