Monday, March 23, 2009

Ode to Goof

Our sweet puppy, Goofy, went to doggie heaven yesterday, and I am still in shock.

Garrett's sister, Hannah, has a dog that had a litter of puppies last October. Garrett had just lost his favorite dog of 9 years, Daisy, recently and wanted to get one of the puppies. I really didn't want one because I knew it would be something else to take care of, and I wasn't sure how Roscoe (our weenie dog) would like it. But I am an animal lover, and I could tell Garrett really missed Daisy, so I gave in. Well he called me at work one evening and wanted to bring one of the puppies home, but couldn't decide which one, so I said to bring 2 or 3 home and we could decide which one we wanted. He brought home his 2 favorite, both boys, and they stayed a couple of days. We had planned on just getting one, but after they stayed awhile, we just couldn't take the other one back! Most people, and our common sense said this was a bad idea to get 2 dogs! But it turned out to be wonderful, they loved each other so much, they did everything together. They played, slept, ate together, and kept each other company. They didn't have names for a long time, and we finally got Paige to name them, and she picked 2 wonderful names: Goofy and Donald of course! And she could tell them apart, she always called them by their right names! They had just been the greatest puppies, and we all really loved them.

We had noticed they were not eating as much lately, but we thought they were just slowing down their growth. They still played though and acted normal. Saturday morning, Garrett noticed that Goofy was not jumping up on the fence to see him like Donald was, but didn't think too much of it. Sunday morning when he went to feed them though, Goofy was very sick. It seemed to happen so fast, or maybe it was just that he was a pretty mild mannered dog and we just didn't notice it as much. We knew he didn't feel good, but thought he would be okay until the next day and we had planned on taking him to the vet. We came home Sunday night to find sweet ole Goof had left us. It still doesn't seem quite real to me, because he seemed fine just 2 days ago. I really never thought this would happen, we thought about all the other aspects of having 2 dogs, but never this one. Goofy was a great dog, and I wish we could have had him longer. Donald, whose personality is very different, but still great, was very sad last night. He sat outside the door looking at us and crying. This broke my heart! And he looks so lonely sleeping, he and Goofy used to cuddle up together every night, I was so used to seeing them together like that! But tonight he was much better, he only cried while we were cooking supper, but has been fine after that. Paige knows that Goofy is gone, but forgets easily where he is. I told her he is in doggie heaven with Jesus, and she is happy with that. She asked me if daddy took him there, and I said no, God did. Tonight at supper she still said thank you God for Roscoe, Goofy and Donald.

So this is my ode to Goof-Goof, as I called him! Wish we could have played longer and that you could have grown up with Paige! We miss you!


  1. It seems no matter how long or short of a time we have these little creatures of God, they wiggle their way into our hearts forever. We will never forget Goofy even though we didn't have him long and didn't get to know him as well as you did and could have. Maybe Donald and Roscoe can become best friends. A very sweet ode to Goofy.

  2. Emily, this is so sad! I am trying to fight back tears as we speak. I know what it is like to lose a family dog, and it is not easy by any means. It is good that Paige is doing ok with it. I'm sure it helps to have such an innocent mind around to help keep your spirits high. Will be thinking about you guys.

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